Monday, November 26, 2018

Elderly in Paradise CA are homeless after assisted living and nursing homes destroyed by Camp Fire

Alexandra S. Levine has a detailed story of the problems of the elderly and retired people around Paradise, CA, since it had been about 25% if the city. 

Five residence places (assisted living centers and nursing homes) were lost in the fire, which could mean they have to go back to live with adult children in other cities.

Also, many caregivers seem to have been lost.
And in many cases the very old will not be able to start over.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

People with dementia can get kicked out of assisted living centers

Melanie Bishop has a story of “Modern Love” in the New York Times Sunday Styles, “I would have driven her anywhere”.  She describes two moves of her mother with dementia from assisted living centers, on in North Carolina that essentially evicted her for being “high maintenance”.  Yup, assisted living centers do have their rules.  I've seen them even for "respite stays" when my mother was alive. Evictions to happen.
The story is here
The story then winds down to a memoir of the car itself, which finally failed suddenly. Being moved back to Arizona and the car did help with memory. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Getting ready for 2018 taxes: how much difference does the standard deviation change mean for retirees?

Laura Saunders has a booklet in the Wall Street Journal, “Everything You Need to Know About the New Tax Law, Before the End of the Year”, link

For single retirees, the have a larger standard deduction (12000) but no personal exemption; so the total is slightly more than in 2017, and slightly lower marginal tax rates.

The WSJ recommends wealthy retirees aggregate big donations into fewer years.

It may be harder to justify itemizing to go over the standard deduction.  But state and local taxes still count, it looks like.

In my case, because I sold the house for a cheaper condo, the real estate taxes are much less.
Fidelity has a similar paper here.
The new law is somewhat better for some families with children.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Parents' auto accident causes severe filial problems for adult son ("The Ethicist" in the NYTimes)

Here’s a painful column by the Ethicist, Kwome Anthony Appiah, on p. 34 of the Sunday New York Times Magazine, “What do I owe my severely disabled parents?” 

The situation involves a major car accident overseas that leaves both parents severely disabled, and a sister deceased.  The accident appears not to be the parents’ fault.

The son is pressured by the grandfather to move back to another city even after the parents are finally medically evacuated home.  The son had lived overseas several months after the accident.
I was pressured to move for mother’s surgery in 1999 but did not, as, according to an arrangement, that would have resulted in job loss.