Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Should seniors be "forbidden" to live alone sometimes?

Should seniors be able to insist on a “right” to live alone?
Reader’s Digest weighs in here, with ten warning signs, which includes Internet and social media behavior. 

 As far as unopened mail – there is just too much junk.

A Place for Mom obviously has a commercial motive for this advertorial blog post on the matter, but here it is. 

In various states, other adults (not always just relatives) can plea for court supervision or guardianship (or conservatorship). But for adult children and in states with filial responsibility laws, the adult kids may have no choice.

Here’s another one  .

None of these sources take up the problem of introverted seniors used to solitary intellectual activity.  They may not fit very well into the social climate of assisted living. David Malouf’s comedy short film “The Pharaohs” covers this problem.
For me, downsizing out of a house into a highrise condo (no risk from stairs) is a plus.

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