Thursday, August 02, 2018

New studies suggest anti-Alzheimer's drugs should be started much sooner; at age 85, 50% of people have symptoms

Science Daily reports on an accepted drug, memantine, which may halt the process of neuron destruction in Alzheimer’s disease long before there are symptoms. 
Moreover, the article explains and diagrams the process where amyloid beta oligomers enter brain neurons and prime the cells for death.

The article makes the startling claim that 50% of people at age 85 have symptoms of Alzheimer’s serious enough to lead to fatality in even five years if they don’t die of something else.

It also describes a loss of 30% of the cells in the cerebral cortex, responsible for “content” (not wakefulness) in brain function, as typical in Alzheimer’s.

My mother took Namenda (memantine) in the last year (2010) of her life (as well as Aricept).
I was told that when adults start on these medications, legally they cannot be left alone for significant periods. However that would not be true if the treatment is started before symptoms.

CNN has a distantly related story that regards Alzheimer’s as a malignant process that can be treated with immunotherapy.

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