Saturday, July 21, 2018

Caregiver supply, paid and unpaid, dwindles with "demographic winter" and immigration issues (WSJ big story)

Clare Ansberry has practically a booklet-length article in the weekend (“Sunday paper”, for all purposes) Wall Street Journal, “The Unprepared: America is running out of family caregivers, just when it needsthem most”.  The tagline is “Smaller, more unpaid caregivers means fewer unpaid helpers; ‘Are you really my daughter’”.   This caught my eye at a Starbucks this morning.
The ratio of caregivers to care recipients peaked in 2010 (my own mother died in December of that year at 97).

“Population demographics” (falling birthrates) and individualism contribute to the coming crisis.  Childless adults are more likely to have set up separate lives and become vulnerable to severe disruption by filial piety.

The immigration crisis could gradually reduce the number of home health caregivers available, as well as work force in assisted living centers and nursing homes.

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