Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New low cost blood test may detect tendency for Alzheimer's decades in advance

David Nield reports on “ScienceAlert” on a new blood test that can detect a propensity for Alzheimer’s Disease three decades early, by finding plaque markers in the blood.  
It appears that this may be a relatively inexpensive test, along the lines of Jack Andraka’s pancreatic cancer test.

But it is not clear what someone with a positive test would do about it.
There are genetic diseases like Huntington’s with tests that can predict early dementia. 

Friday, April 06, 2018

Employers find they need older workers -- really

Employers are finding that an aging workforce can benefits them, according to a story by Kerry Hannon, March 2, 2018.
Some are willing to transfer older blue collar workers into office positions.
When I was in the main part of my career, there was a mentality that retirement could be encouraged as early as 55.  This is obviously an idea that nation could not afford, due to fewer children being born here and fewer workers and longer life spans.
Furthermore, companies lost the perspective of older workers who had grown up under different situations and challenges (including dealing with a military draft).  When it came time to designing the Affordable Care Act and testing its implementation, the idea of careful stages of systems developments had become less strong than it used to be. 
You can even wonder about workplace maturity and Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.  Had she hired more mature persons running her IT, she might not have gotten into so much trouble. 
Older workers may have a better grasp of how to handle customer service and of the legitimate expectations of consumers for support (like how to manage stand-ins when a normal agent is out).