Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Well, I downsized this month, but not until I moved

Well, this month, I “downsized”.  I sold “my” house (belonging to my late mother’s trust), and bought a spacious one-bedroom highrise condo for cash with the proceeds.  I left it in the trust’s name, after some controversy.

There were a lot of things I just didn’t know as I went into this process, and was pretty much committed to it by mid-August.

The actual move happened in mid October and went in several steps.  But dealing with the huge amount of accumulated stuff in the house turned out to be a much bigger problem than I had expected.  That even has moral implications, if you want to think about it.

In the YouTube video above, note that the downsizing really starts before you move, by reducing clutter. 
I’ll be covering some of the more detailed and more controversial questions on a newer Wordpress blog in November. 

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Puerto Rico bonds and potential wipeout after Trump's comments, and retirees

Puerto Rico ‘s bonds tumbled further in value after President Trump suggested wiping out their debt, rather than restructuring it with normal bankruptcy procedures.

Some retirees find that financial planners advise them to purchase instruments for developing countries or even US territories for higher yields.  This is obviously risky, as some bonds could be wiped out, which is unusual compared to stocks.

I haven’t noticed any problems in my own stuff.  But it does highlight a problem for retirees who want to “coast” and not work so hard to “make money” which sounds like an ideological issue for some people.