Friday, August 11, 2017

FEMA teams with Red Cross to ask for volunteers to install smoke alarms

The Red Cross has partnered with FEMA to sponsor a volunteer program to install fire and smoke alarms in homes.

FEMA sent out the email today, which sounded odd for it to be asking for volunteers.  The Red Cross link is here.

The program appears to need people to physically install the alarms in low income homes.It probably requires quite a bit of training. 

Independent smoke and CO alarms not connected to anything and battery operated can be purchased. 

I thought it was odd to see this from FEMA, but during the 1980s FEMA had started a “civilian reservist” program, which was written up in the Dallas papers when I was living there.

Smoke and fire alarms associated with security systems are often professionally installed and don’t need battery replacement, as they are powered by the system (the master battery for such a system needs to be replaced about every four years.)  It is desirable that systems have wireless rather than physical cable connection so they can’t be cut. 

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