Friday, June 09, 2017

AARP documents explosive problems with opioids among seniors, including selling prescription drugs to dealers

The AARP Bulletin for June 2017 has some alarming material about the opioid crisis and senior citizens.

AARP’s main link for “The Opioid Menace” is here.

The Cover Story, “The New Dealers”, by Joe Eaton, maintains that some seniors are selling prescription painkillers to drug pushers for extra money.

Seniors are more likely to become hooked on prescription drugs than younger adults if their liver and kidney function have impairment.  It’s shockingly easy to get hooked on medication.
I take Diclofenac Sodium intermittently for arthritic pain, and it is very effective, usually within about an hour.  But I don’t seem to need it continuously.  The specialist who prescribes it does have access to the mandatory annual blood work which a “family doctor” does

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