Thursday, August 11, 2016

"Recall Guide" website for pharmaceuticals recommended by visitor

A reader recommended a site called “The Recall Guide”, as a particular resource for seniors to double-check their prescription and OTC medications, for FDA recalls and maybe drug interactions.

This free tool is an easy way to keep track of side effects and any dangerous recalls for any medications you are on. I personally use it to keep track of any dangers with my medications, and I think it would be helpful for members of your community as well. You can view the website here.

The side has articles on medical devices, generics and off-label, and legal liability of pharmaceutical companies.

Always be careful with over-the-counter stuff.  Recently I took a little more expectorant over the counter for an allergic cough and had to deal with a persistent sense of mild nausea for a few days, which seems to be a known (central nervous system) side effect of taking a larger dose.

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