Sunday, May 01, 2016

NYTimes has detailed booklet-length story of a former nurse with Alzheimer's; W Post reports on dangers of hospital discharges

In the Sunday New York Times May 1, N. R. Kleinfeld has a booklet-length insert “Fraying at the Edges”, documenting the life of former nurse Geri Taylor, of Manhattan, slowly descending into Alzheimer’s, at age 69.

The story begins when one morning she cannot recognize her own face in the mirror.  She recounts getting off a Chelsea IRT subway station and not knowing why she was there.  There is an insert that shows the loss of ego, to not having an idea of herself. An alarming symptom is not being able to remember how to do simple household repairs (like a caught window blind).

The Washington Post has a story April 29 by Jordan Rau, about the danger for many older patients just after returning home from the hospital.  But for some episodes, like some strokes, Medicare does pay for limited SNF nursing home stays if the patient is expected to get better.