Sunday, April 17, 2016

Investigative journalist documents his odyssey into Alzheimer's

Investigative journalist Greg O’Brien has a disturbing article on the front page of the Outlook section of the Washington Post today, “I’m documenting my Alzheimer’s while I still can”.  He relates flying with his adult daughter, not being allowed to travel alone, and becoming confused about the purpose of an airplane fuselage exit door.

I can recall, in the fall of 2010, trying to schedule a trip for mother to Ohio by plane and having her picked up by a relative, and having to drop the plans.  She would pass away in December.

Yet, O’Brien writes his declining narrative cogently, as he says he is running on “cognitive reserve”. He notes with some irony that comic hero Clark Kent is a journalist.

I will sometimes look for a particular word, or name of someone not in my recent circulation, and have a “senior moment”, but the term or name always returns in a minute or so.

My own mother started occasionally getting lost driving in the latter part of 2008, two years before her final passing at 97.

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