Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Presidential candidates, except for Trump, take positions on Social Security, with some possible surprises

Yahoo! Finance has an important chart on where the candidates stand on Social Security reform, story link here. Donald Trump has yet to take a stand.

Kasich, Bush and Rubio want to means test beneficiaries with higher income.  It’s not clear if that could include accumulated net worth or liquid worth (that is, penalizing rent-seeking behavior – not real likely).  Curiously, neither Clinton nor Sanders mentions means testing.

Cruz wants private accounts for Social Security, increase in retirement age and a lowering of COLA.  Accounting for switching to a private option would be complicated, but I have supported this idea, to keep benefits out of play as a potential bargaining chip for politicians.

Only Hillary Clinton wants to improve benefits for caregivers (not even Sanders, and that is a surprise.)

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