Monday, December 28, 2015

Alzheimer's, terminal lucidity events, and the Soul

There is an event called “terminal lucidity” that has been observed very near death in some Alzheimer’s Disease patients. Tara MacIsaac explores the issue in an Epoch Times article (Sept. 2, 2014), “Do Alzheimer’s, Dementia prove that the soul doesn’t exist?

The article provides caregiver reports of some Alzheimer’s patients who suddenly remembered everyone in their lives shortly before their passing. The article also shows some photographs of brains of Alzheimer’s patients, comparing them to normal brains.

PMW Atwater, a Virginia writer in the Charlottesville area (not far from the Monroe Institute, maybe) notes that Ronald Reagan had a lucid moment before he passed, and comments more on this, and also discusses the soul of consciousness of the unborn child during the last trimester in her blog post from 2004, “Alzheimer’s and the Afterlife?

If (as in some horror films, even “Wolfen” (1980)), you “know when you’re dead”, that proves that conscious awareness of selfhood outlasts the body. You could be caught in a “Focus 23” and know you will not revive, but be conscious of your identity.  The sense of time could change (since time is a dimension in physics) so the worst horror could be to be stuck in that state forever, unable to awaken. But logically you can’t “not know your dead”.  It seems illogical not to exist once you have existed.

I think that some of us come back.  Look at some super-gifted kids.  The have so much knowledge as children of science and math (and often music) that they must have learned it before.  It’s a great bargain to pick up another adult life, where you left off, with  15-21 year old body. Not a car trade-in or heart transplant, but a body transplant.

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