Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Family Health Group passes a reading list to me for new retirees

I did get an email from “For Family Health” asking me to pass along a series of links for how that groups believes seniors should plan healthful retirement, within an extended family context.
Bloom has a “Guide to Happy Retirement” addressing the desirability of work in retirement, here.
A group that does certification tests has a training session about talking to kids about a grandparent’s terminal illness.
There is a guide for home and family caregivers (as opposed to hired or paid).
There is some old-fashioned advice on the diet.  Eat your vegetables. 
There is a list of most common health concerns (emphasis on respiratory and colon).
There is a home health care group’s guide to Alzheimer’s, including biology.
There is a paper from NIH on what seniors should ask their primary care physicians. 

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Bill Boushka said...

I been asked to leave this new URL for the "health concerns" by the original source.