Monday, August 03, 2015

Home health agencies using franchising business models more, could affect how much caregivers earn

“Health Affairs” has published some important material about the home health industry, as with this article by Andrea McClain, who examines “a day in the life of a self-employed caregiver”, here
Caregivers who work directly for families can make more than those employed by agencies, and in recent times there has been more development of trademarked franchises for caregiving agencies.  There is a “viewpoint” column by Mariya Strauss on p. 17 of the Aug. 3, 2015 issue of “In These Times” (publication link article not online yet), “Treating old people like hamburgers” discussing the franchising.  The article reports Health Affairs as saying that 62% of the industry is run by franchises. 
I preferred not to employ anyone directly when I looked after mother, but used two agencies.  Since I was functioning as a “journalist”, I felt that being a direct employer at the same time could generate an ethical conflict.
But it’s clear that caregivers employed directly probably can get paid much better.


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