Monday, August 24, 2015

Glenn Beck appears on CNN, repeats Stansberry's theories without naming him; not good for "lazy" retirees

Tonight, CNN aired Glenn Beck commenting on the yo-yo stock market selloff.  (China’s was tanking again tonight.)

Beck said that the Fed was printing money, not charging interest, and that the markets were figuring out that the stock market isn’t based on anything because currency isn’t based on anything.

He said (like Porter Stansberry) that soon the dollar won’t be the (or a) reserve currency for the world, but right now the US was the least bad of all of them (like poop floating in a toilet bowl). 
So the government is using political power to silence currency hawks, like him, Ron Paul and Stansberry.

It is strange that CNN Money makes a case for optimism based on what a Communist Chinese government decides to do to re-charge its own economy,here
Beck has hosted Stansberry before, link. If the stock market is based on nothing because the dollar is based on nothing (or, as the Chinese think, pooh), then so is the bitcoin based on nothing. But intellect. 

What if he’s right? Is the "government" silencing he currency hardliners?

Picture: Rockville, MD, but looks like a nullianac (from Clive Barker's "Imjica").  Not sure what currency the reconciled dominions use. 

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