Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dreams, and dementia

Just a brief personal note that makes a point.  Last night, I had an intense dream that I had caused a fatal auto accident.  I wanted it to be a dream and woke myself up, although the after effects lingered for a while.  But it struck me that in a dream, however real it seems, I have no idea of how I got there, in a particular situation, whether desirable (even erotic) or terrifying. That point was well made in the 2010 movie “Inception”.

It is often said that someone with dementia (or Alzheimer’s) may have no short term memory of what has just preceded the “now”, but yet she perceives herself as being the same person.  The dream comparison may provide some insight into how this can be.

Conversely, writing down dreams and keeping a log of them (which I do, privately, off line) may be a good way to exercise short term memory.


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