Sunday, July 26, 2015

More on the growing Alzheimer's crisis: should early screening be done? Do women it develop more quickly?

Kathleen Parker offers an op-ed on the growing Alzheimer’s crisis in the Washington Post July 24, here,  notes that it affects women longer than men (partly because women live longer), and notes the new drug zinfandel, which may help brain proteins “fold” correctly.

But Dwaine Rieves, on p. A15 Saturday, argues for doing brain scans for early Alzheimers or the propensity, in an op-ed here.  But one question would be, could the history of such a scan (with “positive” results) interfere with purchasing long term care insurance?
On July 21, the New York Times reported, in a piece by Benedict Carey, studies showing women’s dementia may progress more rapidly than men’s, link here

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