Sunday, June 07, 2015

Some retirement communities go green

The New York Times has a valuable “Business Day” story June 5 about “green” retirement communities, using as an example one in Vermont, using solar panels, lots of green space, and careful engineering to reduce carbon footprint, link here
Greenspace and trees are important – just not to close to homes where they could fall during storms.  And hopefully not too low toward a flood source. 
I get a lot of mailers for retirement communities.  Most are 40-50 miles away from major cities, and make a big deal of internal social programs.  I saw a lot of these when hunting for my mother a few years ago, but she never did move out (before passing in 2010). 
But for me, my own work and life is too “important”.  Informal social activities don’t do a lot for me.
But most assisted living and retirement communities invite performers to come.  This can be a source of income for musicians (like pianists).

By the way, I also get mailers from CCRC's, where it costs $200000 to even get in.  The option is that you get assisted living once you need it.  Too much now. (I do have a long-term care single premium policy in the Trust.) 
Picture: I think that's Tilton NH, my trip (2011, and 1961 in high school).  I'll have to check. 


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