Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Is self-publishing a good second career for retirees? The solitary lifestyle is not so good for longevity, resilience

Here’s an article I just found through twitter, “Self-publishing in retirement”, by Derek Haines, link here.  There’s a secondary link, how to promote your book but keep your friends.  The basic advice is to be aggressive with blogging, including guest blogging.
The basic tone of the piece is to convert a previous hobby into something that provides some retirement income.

Keeping your friends is important, however, as other stories report that people with strong social connections live longer.  That stands to reason because social connections (expanded from marriage and children) give one resilience after sudden adversity.  It takes social capital to put a lot into giving people transplants or bypass surgeries, past a certain age.
Blogging is usually a solitary activity.  It hardly fits into the social life of most retirement homes.  It may take time away from developing the ability to sustain a major health issue or other challenge from aggression or natural disaster.  That seems like a disappointing reason for intimate relationships, but people seem to need them for that.


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