Monday, June 08, 2015

"Inherit the Wind", or maybe, expropriate all inherited wealth

I found an old Atlantic article, June 11, 2011, “Why do we allow inheritance at all?”, by Megan McCradle, link here.  So, go ahead and make the inheritance tax 100%? 

That would get rid of Thomas Piketty's "rentier class". 

I used to hear this when spying on “The People’s Party if New Jersey” back at the end of 1972.  The idea that people should reach out to strangers more and depend less on family may be socially suspect.  (Ask some conservatives, like those who talk about “The Natural Family”.
What happens to homes in inherited estates?  Are they turned over to charities to house the homeless, or maybe even political asylees?  Imagine the possibilities. One idea would be to make beneficiaries return all Medicare benefits paid for the deceased before anything could be inherited (maybe selling the house to pay). 
I like the idea that the “dead” have no rights. Actually, they’re alive, in another world or universe, waiting for where karma sends them next.  “You are where you are”, according to the Monroe Institute. Your expired life is a memory like a fading dream.
But don’t “Inherit the Wind”.

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