Friday, April 24, 2015

Vox seems to support Social Security means testing, opposing raising retirement age

Vox Media has been pretty progressive on most issues, but I was a little taken back by the raw collectivism and “groupthink” in Ezra Klein’s “Why raising the social security retirement age really does hurt the poor the most”, link here.
Of course, it’s true, the poor don’t live as long, and have a harder time working enough to maintain a Social Security wage base.
Still, in the main, in my experience, my own benefit is something I “earned” (like swallowing a fly and “putting it in The Proles” – an old Army joke at Fort Eustis back in 1969).  At worst, it is still something that politicians can, at a whim, expropriate from me by “means testing” and giving it to someone else, playing Robin Hood.  That’s offensive.  That’s not OK.  This one lays an egg. That’s why I like the idea of privatization, as difficult as the interim accounting should be,

The penultimate implications of the Vox argument (for me) are startling.  I don't "need" my benefit if I listen to solicitations and go out and "earn" by money by hucksterizing my own background in life insurance. 
Then, make welfare, for the needy, seniors or not, a separate issue and debate it on its own terms, separately.  I’m not saying, get rid of Medicare and turn it into vouchers.  I’m not saying, get rid of Obamacare – although I do think a private solution to health care issues works IF you reinsure (with a quasi-government corporation) the anti-selection risk for those with pre-existing conditions.  YES, everyone should be able to get reasonable health insurance, and even Donald Trump has been saying that.  (In a sense, you could look at Medicare as “reinsurance”.) 

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