Sunday, April 05, 2015

On Easter Sunday: technology offers rich people 150-year life spans soon, but do you want spray-on skin? String theory may show that the Afterlife really happens

The Washington Post has a detailed front page story by Ariana Eunjung Cha, “Tech Titan’s latest project: Defy death”, link here. Technologies are there now or will appear for people with enough money.
3-D printed internal organs, maybe like the pancreas and liver, are proposed.  So is spray-on skin.  But the bodies people are “born with” to grown into become meaningless – everything that made sexuality interesting!

Will social chaos result?  Maybe from the inequality.  If people are productive enough, maybe employers will want them until age 140 or so.  People won’t “need” to have children. 

On the other hand, we can’t afford just to keep people alive forever.  I felt insulted if asked if my own goal was to keep my mother alive until 100.  That isn’t something I accomplished. 

And then, this morning, at an Easter sunrise service, the pastor says, “we were meant for beauty, not sentiment. We were meant for relationships, not just to create our own way.”

My own idea of heaven is that there are seven dimensions in string theory we don't use.  I'm convinced that the Afterlife resides in these.  I pick up messages from my mother in dreams all the time, and see scenes on other planets all the time.  I think we have access to these dimensions somehow when we sleep and enter REM sleep. 
A few years back, Barbara Walters had a special on ABC, “Live to Be 150” (TV Blog, April 1, 2008).  Both she and Jimmy Carter have done rather well.  

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