Monday, March 16, 2015

Scientists debate whether consciousness persists, even indefinitely, after "death"

Sunday, Fareed Zakaria’s GPS mentioned the possibility of “storing consciousness” in some sort of hologram after “death”, as a kind of library of someone’s life, across space-time.  The video isn’t there yet, but the Daily Mail, in a piece by Emily Kent Smith and Tania Steere, reports on a variety of accounts that suggest that consciousness may persist a long time after “death”, link here
Not everyone has the positive NDE suggesting Heaven.  Some report a drowning sensation.  Maybe time stops, and consciousness at the end persists “forever”.  We don’t know, despite Scientific American’s insistence that the brain creates consciousness.  But I’m not so sure.  Maybe consciousness controls the Universe (or Multi-verse) and biology is part of the cycle commonly, to reinforce consciousness to oppose entropy.
In any case, suicide doesn’t sound like an easy way out.  And we really don’t know how much suffering might really occur with murder, or with even the death penalty.
The video above invokes Monroe Institute ideas.  “You are concerned with where you are” in a new family of souls.  But, really, it will seem pretty normal.
Back in the 1990s, the old Omni Magazine had an article suggesting downloading consciousness before someone dies.  You don’t need a body.  The idea occurs in the recent film “Chappie”.

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