Thursday, March 12, 2015

New bionic artificial heart could change transplant protocols, greatly extend life spans

ABC News reports, in a story by Sydney Lupkin, on a new bionic heart that does not beat and than could revolutionize heart transplant surgery, link here
The question is, could devices like this extend life indefinitely for people with heart disease.  My own mother died at 97 at the end of 2010, specifically from aortic stenosis associated with gradual congestive heart failure, eleven years after coronary bypass surgery in 1999. 
Of course, we remember that Barney Clark lived some months with an external artificial heart way back in the late 60s.  He eventually succumbed to other organ failure, including kidneys.
But could we afford to keep people living even that much longer, with otherwise extreme disability.  What about even more “burden” on families?  Is this a good idea?  I wouldn’t want this. 

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