Wednesday, January 07, 2015

AARP recommends that seniors stress both tech and people skills in the part-time job market

I’ve passed through this territory before on other blogs, but the AARP has an interesting article today on skills sought by employers for people 50+, link here. 
The highest paying job there is accountant (so you might have to be a CPA), at about $55 an hour.  But medical billing specialist, for which there is supposed to be a lot of demand (and I remember that was said ten years ago) pays around $17.   But the more interesting job ideas require people skills, like recruiter, or social media coordinator (the second page). That’s interesting to me, in that seniors are often old school, and are not as interesting in taking advantage of every gadget or app immediately.  In some ways, this may be safer for some seniors, who would not be as susceptible to hackers or loss of privacy.  

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