Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Some younger adults start looking at how to avoid Alzheimer's in the family; one idea is intermittent fasting

There is new interest among younger adults in being tested for genetic markers for Alzheimer’s and possibly making lifestyle interventions.
NBC Nightly News presented a 32-year-old musician whose mother is showing signs of dementia at 62.  He did some genetic work and found he has a genetically determined protein titer that has been associated with dementia.
Must stricter dieting may help.  There are studies that suggest increased social interaction will help, as well as brain exercises.  And music itself seems to help forestall dementia. 

There is a related story in Bloomberg about the idea of intermittent 2-day fasts forestalling Alzheimer’s.   It’s not clear while whole day fasts would somehow reduce the process of plaque formation. I can remember that one of the camps at Lama Foundation back in the 1980s (in NM) was "purification through fasting."  

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