Monday, December 29, 2014

Researchers look for genes that lead to resilience against Alzheimer's; readers weigh in

An article in the New York Times Monday Dec. 29, by Gina Kolata, discusses “The Resilience Project”, which will look for extra genes that help individuals in families susceptible to Alzheimer’s or other degenerative diseases escape the disease when in fact they have the target gene.  The link is here. The article gave the story of a particular Doug Whitney, who has tested positive for a gene that causes very early dementia, but has not developed symptoms for years.  The question is, do some people have a second “resilience gene” that prevents the destructive gene from being expressed.
Page 19 of the Review Section, on Sunday December 28, 2014 in the NYT, in the column by Nicolas Kristoff, “The Readers Do Get It” (or “Alzheimer’s in the Open”), expressed that readers do get the nature of the moral problem the disease poses, link 

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