Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Washington Post covers hospice care with onine guide

The Washington Post offers a “Consumer Guide to Hospice”, link here , organized by state, and also alphabetically.  Sometimes the alphabetic collation is out of sequence, and there are multiple occurrences of the same hospice.
Monday, the Post featured a cover story Peter Whorisky and Dan Keating, “Selecting hospice is roll of dice for families; quality of care varies, and information about providers is lacking”, here,, from the “Business of Dying” series. 

For my own mother, we started with Capital Hospice, which has a facility in Arlington VA which happens to be the same building in which I went to grade school in the 50s (Woodlawn, now replaced by Glebe Elementary a half mile away).  There were typically two nursing visits a week, a social worker visit, and occasionally a chaplain.  She went into the facility on Dec. 10, 2010 and passed away Dec. 14 at age 97.  The chaplain noted my mother’s sense of humor. 

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