Wednesday, October 08, 2014

A major primer on Medicare for those approaching 65

It’s important to prepare for Medicare as you approach 65.  The “Health and Science” section of the Washington Post has an important insert by Caroline Mayer today, “Ready or not, you have a date with Medicare”, link here
Mayer explains how Part B Medicare premiums and deductibles work.
Health insurance sales people will deluge seniors with Medicare Advantage pitches, as well as long term care.  I had the experience of people trying to recruit me to sell it during my own “retirement”, I don’t like to knock on doors.  My own experience is this.  I joined AARP a number of years before 65.  (Yes, I looked at their job openings, too, since I’m in the DC area.)  I found that I did get a sizable discount to start Medicare Part B Supplemental, which has continued (now I’m 71).  The provider is United Health Care, and I have had no problems with claims (the main one was hernia surgery in 2010, when I was 67; again, the coverage paid for everything after the first $135, and the fact that I had the coverage at all causes the surgeon and the Virginia Hospital Center to discount the basic fees about 65% to start with, based on their “volume discount” contract with Medicare and UHC.  

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