Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Supreme Court limits right of public unions to collect dues from non-member home health workers

The Supreme Court has ruled that home-care workers in Illinois cannot be forced to pay dues to a union that negotiated their compensation, even those not belonging to the union.  But the ruling does not necessarily apply to non home-care workers, even those in other lines of work who are not union members but who benefit from negotiations.  The Washington Post analysis on p A8 Tuesday by Michael Feltcher is here.    The Supreme Court slip opinion (Harris v. Quinn) is here. The Court ruled that requiring dues payment would force home care workers to subsidize political speech that they do not personally support, possibly in part because of the sensitive problems associated with the eldercare issues.  The case could be of significance to those hired to give home health care to elders.  See also story on June 3. 

The New York Times weighs in with an editorial "Limiting Rights: a Hit to Collective Bargaining" (link), which is paired with a similarly motivated editorial on the contraception and religious employers ruling, "Limiting Rights: Imposing Religion on Workers"/ 

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