Monday, July 14, 2014

Eye doctor's retinal exam may predict future Alzheimer's

NBC News reported tonight on a new eye test that looks for changes in the retina of the eye for possible early warning signs of future Alzheimer’s Disease.  Apparently the plaque buildup that occurs eventually in neural brain circuits can be seen on certain areas of the retina.


NBC also reported on a study in Finland where people ages 62-77 were monitored as to memory function after an aggressive healthful lifestyle program compared to a control group.  After a few years, the people on the aggressive program did better on the memory tests.  It wasn’t clear if this had been correlated yet to the retinal test.  Other studies report that dementia is less prevalent at any age group than it was 50 years ago (apparently 40% less prevalent by population percentage at age 75, according to a Finnish study).    
A good question, though, is what can be done with the "bad news".         

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Dolores Brown said...

I didn't know you can get a retinal scan for Alzheimer. Is it always a positive indicator or is it just one of the many factors? It's kind of cool all the cool things technology and medical advances have brought out.