Saturday, May 03, 2014

It's cheaper, but maybe riskier, to hire your own caregiver (for parents) than use an agency

Ann Carnns is pretty much right on the mark in the New York Times article “Tips for choosing care for an aging or ailing family member”, Saturday, May 5, 2014, p. B7, link here
It’s true that it can cost less to hire the help yourself.  But then you have to deal with all the IRS issues, among other things.  During my own experience with this process from 2009-2010, it did not want to be a direct employer of anyone because of my journalism activities, which I perceived as possibly creating a conflict.

The issue of overtime for caregivers (other than live-ins) is still controversial.  They should get it.  And there is at least the possibility of liability if you know a home health agency is not paying it.  Knowing less is legally safer, but not morally. 

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