Thursday, May 15, 2014

A federal filial responsibility law had been proposed in 2005; a master index of articles on the issue

I found another link that gives an index to many Internet articles on filial responsibility laws, which remain a somewhat obscure topic.  The list (which includes some of my articles) is here.

A few of the article sources are eye-catching.  The American Catholic has an article relating the concept to the Fourth Commandment. The New York Times has a list (supplied by Jane Gross) of states with the laws. The Wall Street Journal has a list of 29 states from June 2012.  I’ll give the indirect link for Katherine Pearson’s paper here. Brigham Young University (of the LDS church) gives a comparison to the laws and duties between the U.S. and Italy. MSN  Money has an article (based on the Pittas case), “Will you get Dad’s nursing home bill?” Matthew Pakula proposes a federal filial responsibility statute here,  a link that requires registration with MyJSTOR (which Aaron Swartz had “illegally” downloaded from), from the Family Law Quarterly (from the American Bar Association), Fall 2005, Vol 39, #3, “A Federal filial responsibility statute; a uniform tool to help combat the wave of indigent eldery.”  Pakula does discuss the issue in terms of the lack of the ability of the adult child to have chosen to make a voluntary contract.  I could not find this item on Amazon, but it would be desirable for the ABA to make the PDF available for purchase or for download onto Kindle.  

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