Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The senior workforce is growing, but it is more individually tailored than most beancounters realize

The Wall Street Journal Tuesday had some perceptive levels on senior employment, with the link here.  The group title was “We’ll all rethink our retirement one way or another”.  One writer said that he was 67 and managed a server with different nodes at home for his own blogging and publishing business, something like what I do, but that he felt he would have a very hard time getting a major employer to hire him.
If I did have enough money to do what I want and not face existential challenges from those who don’t want newbie competition or who want to capture me into serving the purposes of others, I wouldn’t necessarily want to be hired by big corporate America – unless I could do what I wanted.  I do think I could contribute to a media organization as an interviewer or commentator or columnist, or even documentarian.  Let us see.  

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