Thursday, March 13, 2014

NY Times looks at why so many retirees' plans for second careers go afoul

The New York Times, on Thursday March 13, 2014 has a large Retirement section in print.
Probably the most important story is “The Gray Jobs Enigma” by Steve Greenhouse, link here

The story examines the contradiction that people discover with retirement, especially if they are “bought out” by employers in their late 50s and early 60s and expected to make a go of it on their own (as I was). 
The weaker economy may make it more important to work.  But it may also make it harder to find employment that is acceptable, let alone rewarding, to them.
My own personal experience is that is a lot of pressure to move into hucksterism, or at least selling other people’s ideas rather than your own.  I remember the phrase “We give you the words” from a Primevest briefing back in April 2002 (when I was still in Minneapolis).  Later, given my background as a programmer-analyst with a life insurance company, I would be contact by no fewer than two life insurance companies (unsolicited) about becoming an agent.  But employers are finding out that a lot of techies don’t want to sell, or appropriate their own social media presence for somebody else’s purposes.  

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