Monday, December 09, 2013

Politicians ignore the 'generational wars" because seniors make up so many votes

Here’s another perspective, this time by Robert Samuelson, on how politicians are blinded to population demographics, in the Washington Post on Monday, December 9, 2013, “America’s clash of generations is inevitable”, link.  

Samuelson says that within families and extended families, the proper personal responsibilities are still clear. “Parents are supposed to care for their children, and children are supposed to care for their aging parents. For families, these collective obligations may work.”  But politicians, spurred by the voting power of seniors, keep taxing the young to pay for longer retirements and deference to the old.
I was in the middle of this, when my mother was in her mid-nineties, but I was in my sixties myself, creating a dynamic that seemed almost unprecedented.
Samuelson sees Obamacare as part of the generational clash, as younger healthier adults pay for seniors just under 65 (Medicare).  But they could be seen as paying for their own health care in the early senior years. 

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