Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CNN article on "bad value" for US health care disappears mysteriously; we spend too much at end of life, we sponsor processed foods

On Monday, Dec. 16, CNN’s Global Public Square Blog offered a perspective by Jody Heymann and Douglas Barthold, posted by CNN’s Jason Milks, “Why U.S, health care is a bad value for the money”.  Many sites linked to it, but the article disappeared.  I read it on my cell phone while on the road yesterday.
It did say a couple important things.  One of the most important points is that about a third of our healthcare costs are incurred at end of life, when desperate efforts are made to keep people alive as long as possible.  That certainly bears on the eldercare debate.
The other problem is that corporate America invests in “unwellness”.  The article mentioned that Iowa is always an early political caucus state, so politicians placate voters with farm subsidies encouraging the production and consumption of corn syrup, which contains a form of sugar that tend to promote obesity in people with genetic susceptibilities.   The processed food business has tremendous lobbying power with Congress.  So we invest in practices that promote chronic disease and “pre-existing conditions” in many people. 

Does anybody know why this article, so convenient to read at a McDonalds as a “roadside attraction” disappeared?

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