Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Medicare Advantage cuts with Obamacare might hurt some seniors (probably not me)

Free Enterprise has an interesting perspective on the cuts that are likely in Medicare Advantage programs, meaning that seniors who buy these programs may face higher premiums and have fewer benefits.
I have occasionally been contacted about the idea of buying one, and was approached a couple times a few years ago about selling them.  No, I don’t like to peddle things. 
It could make sense, to have some dental care added (I seemed to get the vision care I need with regular Medicare and supplemental). 
An article by Sean Hackbarth is arguing that many seniors even on regular Medicare will see premiums rise (perhaps means testing), but Obama is saying that preventive screening is improved.  Hackworth writes that part of the funding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act came from cuts to subsidies of Medicare Advantage.
The link for the article is here.

I just got my own annual physical results back, and they were OK.  I have not taken advantage of the colonoscopy, because of the prep; but the standard bloodwork is quite extensive (all the various sugars and various cholesterols; liver and kidney function;  PSA;  a pancreatic cancer protein test probably will be available and standard in maybe three years).   Electrocardiogram was included.  

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