Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nursing home patients find trust funds embezzled by employees, sometimes

Employees have stolen money from the trust funds of nursing home residents, according to a stunning story Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 in USA Today, on the front page, in a “USA Today Investigation” story by Peter Eisler, link here
The story starts with the case of Lee Martin at the Vicksburg Convalescent Center in Mississippi.  Money had been diverted to buy jeans for a patient who had lost both legs, possibly to complications of diabetes.

The story reiterates the pressure on family members not to place non-intact elders (often with Alzheimer’s) into nursing homes, because of fear of abuse.  Hiring 24 hour care costs about $13000 a month; a nursing home typically costs about $7000 a month.   Hiring a live-in costs much less but raises other ethical questions.  I recall lots of discussions with the hospice social worker during the last year of my own mother’s life, 2010.  

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