Monday, September 16, 2013

Current Medicare beneficiaries do not need to change anything under Obamacare; don't allow sales people to "trick" you, that's against the law

Susan Jaffe, of Kaiser Health News, has a story on p. A15 of the Monday, September 16, 2013 Washington Post, p. A15, reporting that selling health exchange coverage to current beneficiaries is illegal because they are already covered according to the law and do not need duplicate coverage.  It is not illegal, of course, to sell Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage plans, as they are now and have been for a long time.  The link is here .  It is lawful for Medicare beneficiaries to buy exchange coverage on their own, but it would not make economic sense.
The government is concerned that sales people could actually mix the plans up.
If I were still in the job market, I think I would be getting solicitations to go to work selling these.  Maybe some of the email I don’t open deals with this.   

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