Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hospital advertises prostate treatment on DC Metro billboards; "W." escapes being cracked open like a lobster

While on the Metro to Nationals Park last night, I saw a bizarre ad in one of the cars for prostate care, from Georgetown University Hospital.  Two “friend” had both shared the experience of “CyberKnife” (link) , which reduces the number of radiation sessions from 40 to 5.
My own PSA numbers went down the year after mother died, probably because no caregiver was cooking, so I tended to consume less fat.  Reducing fat intake and perhaps weight will probably reduce PSA in some men, and greatly lengthen the period of “watching and waiting” with no intervention (possibly leading to incontinence or impotence). 
There’s always an issue – whether your own momentum can keep you going without stopping for cacer screening and the possibility of mutilative surgery and dependence on others.
Former President George W. Bush didn’t get to go home to his ranch near Austin, TX yesterday, when a “routine” physical found a blocked artery.  He had an angioplasty and stent this morning despite not having many symptoms.  I don’t know how a “routine” physical finds something like that. At least “W.” came out of this better than David Letterman; he didn’t have to join the zipper club. 

But, at 70, I suspect I will be pressured to accept more invasions and humiliation for Medicare-paid tests next go round.  After all, I have a moral obligation to find out why I was so far behind physically as a youngster.  With me, it remained a moral issue, not a disability.  

There was a media report today that breast-feeding may reduce a woman's chances of devleoping Alzheimer's Disease later in life by as much as 65%.   Does this mean that women who don't have children are at greater risk?

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