Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some cities with "pre-retirement" working populations not prepared for demographic crisis

Many popular, high-tech oriented smaller American cities (like Austin, TX and Raleigh-Durham NC) have large populations of “pre seniors” still working, but will need many more services for seniors soon, when compared to cities (as in Florida) who market services to seniors.
Sharon Jayson has the snazzy article (“5 Must-Do’s as age-wave bears down on the USA”) in US Today Tuesday, July 30, 2013, here
Cities like Austin may have a false sense of security because many older adults are employed as executives in high tech businesses today.
Communities need to pay more attention to public transportation (making it usable), and to the availability of senior housing and caregiving.  
One obvious observation is the tremendous range in senior self-sufficiency and productivity.  We can look around and see some seniors whose dedication to goals seems to keep them almost immune to decline.  Look at Jimmy Carter, for example.  Strong extended and social ties are important to some seniors (as in the “Blue Zones” on Oprah) but might be overrated in importance;  some people are naturally more independent. 

Austin is one of my favorite cities (I lived in Dallas in the 1980’s).  

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