Monday, July 22, 2013

CNN describes "dementia village" in the Netherlands, as if it were an "Under the Dome" setup

On Saturday, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta presented a new concept in dementia care or Alzheimer’s care, a “Dementia village”, an experimental community in the Netherlands.

The village replicates most of the spaces in a normal town, including a grocery store, but there is no real money exchanged.  There is only one entranceway into the village, and Gupta said that residents will spend the rest of their lives there.

Gupta also compared the place to the artificial bubble community in the movie “The Truman Show” (or possibly Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”).

The CNN link is here.
How is this different from an assisted living or (better) a CCRC  (Continuing Care Retirement Community, July 10, 2010 post), other than having maybe more outdoor space?

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