Saturday, June 01, 2013

Metro subway ad warns seniors on availability of long term care in the future

Last night, on the Orange line Metro in Washington, I saw a billboard ad from the Save our Seniors Coalition (SOS), with website “Care, not Cuts” (link) .  In garish yellow, the ad said that 70% of todays seniors who are 65 or older will need long term care at some point.  “Good luck finding it”, the board says.

Another sponsor of the ad seemed to be the American Health Care Association (link). 

I did my part, and purchased a policy from Lincoln near the end of 2011.  There was a phone interview (including a short term memory test), and a doctor’s physical report, but no monitoring.  An earlier home visit from  a salesman (“Greentree”?)  in 2008 had suggested considerable monitoring was needed to purchase a policy.  In 2009 I was also approached by Cornerstone. 

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