Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do relatives need to watch doctors collecting Medicare "like hawks"?

A cardiologist in New York City has admitted to making fake diagnoses to heart patients in order to collect more money from Medicare for unnecessary procedures, with an NBC New York report (website url) here
The doctor often ordered EECP therapy (Enhanced External Counterpulsation), as explained here on Wikipedia
Extra tests or treatments could put some patients at risk. 

I was sometimes criticized for not being aggressive myself with providers during mother’s treatment from 1999 (when she had bypass surgery at age 85) until her passing at the end of 2010.  She had four hospitalizations for bleeding problems from Coumadin until she was switched to Plavix.  A surgeon did a lumpectomy in the fall of 2009 that was probably unnecessary and even wanted to do a followup in the spring of 2010.

Do relatives really have to watch physicians using Medicare?
 A physician in Staten Island was convicted of a massive Medicare fraud scheme, according to this story.  

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