Friday, March 08, 2013

AARP offers map with links to all states filial responsibility laws

The AARP has a United States map with color coding and links to the statutes of the thirty states that currently have filial responsibility laws, which the AARP calls “filial support laws” and even "filial piety laws".
The link for the map is here.  

 Click on each “orange” state to see the applicable statute (which could me more current than the links I gave on my July 2007 postings).
It’s humorous that the states not having laws are in green.
Note that Iowa law can apply to grandchildren.  In South Dakota and Nevada the requirement extends to siblings.   This may happen in other states.  Utah’s brief law mentions mental health.  Tennessee’s is very long and detailed.  Note Pennsylvania’s, because  of the Pittas case. Yes, you can be responsible to support someone “procreated” by someone else’s sexual intercourse.  I wonder how that plays out in arguments against teen pregnancy.  

Snider Advisors has a good perspective on this issue here
Will the media start covering this issue more in the near future? 

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