Sunday, February 03, 2013

BLS reports on time spent on eldercare; more on getting paying family caregivers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released an American Time Use Survey (actually conducted by Census by sampling – I used to work on a similar Current Population Survey or CPS) which reports on the time Americans are spending on eldercare.
The link for the report is here

Adults 45-64 were the most likely to be personally involved in eldercare, and more than half were women (no surprise). 
23% of care providers had minor children of their own.
The AARP has a worksheet, from Nov. 12, 2012, “Can I get paid as a caregiver?”  and in some states this is possible from public funds, link (wesbite url) here. If the elder parent has assets, it may be possible to be paid, but then there are tax consequences (check with an attorney ).  I see a posting on the issue Nov. 30, 2012 and will return to it later. 

“Friend in Action Boise” produced the video above, “Caregiving: The Universal Occupation”.,

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