Saturday, December 01, 2012

AARP promotes open enrollment of Medigap, Medicare Advantage, Part D

AARP has been advising members, and the public, of open Medicare enrollment, apparently for Medigap (Supplemental), Medicare Advantage (which replaces Medicare) and Part D plans, through Dec. 7.
The link with the explanation of the open enrollment is here.

The page has a sublink that in turn explains the differences between Medigap (for people on conventional Medicare) and Medicare Advantage.  The latter replaces the entire coverage (including prescriptions).  It may well be cheaper for healthy seniors with high incomes who have to pay higher Medicare premiums under current means testing rules.  In that sense, it may well provide some credibility for Paul Ryan’s proposals to “privatize” Medicare before the election.

I have been approached, in retirement, a couple times to sell these products (as well as long term care).  I do not want to do this, because if I write about things (as a journalist) I cannot be partial to one company or one kind of product.  This is a very important point to me which I will cover again soon.

AARP reports that Medicare Advantage is increasing in sales and popularity despite Obamacare.

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