Monday, November 12, 2012

Queens NY hospital that housed Sandy senior homeless victims is caught in the middle, between Medicare and FEMA, for doing the right thing

AC360 (Anderson Cooper) reported Monday night that St. Johns Hospital in Queens, NY faces losses of up to $3 million for allowing some elderly patients made homeless by Hurricane-superstorm Sandy to remain in the hospital past the time justified by medial length-of-stay needs.  Some of the patients had come from nursing homes not in operation because of Sandy.  Medicare will not reimburse the hospital, but FEMA might provide some reimbursement, and is just starting to consider the case.

This bureaucratic anomaly does not help the Obama administration continue to look good in disaster response, as it had before the election (compared to Bush and Katrina). 
Anderson has also covered a high rise building on the Rockaway Peninsula with many senior residents. That has not had power since Sandy and whose management has not gotten temporary generators installed yet.
There is a story about the highrise on Fox here.

Long Island Power Authority told frustrated consumers to “download forms on the Internet” , New York Post story by Julia Marsh, Sally Goldenberg and C. J. Sullivan here

Wikipedia attribution link for Far Rockaway picture of elevated subway terminus.  I used this facility numerous times in the 1970s. 

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